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Tips to make your workforce a security front line

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Cyber security is an object that is constantly on our minds here at Unit. This is since, according to Bloomberg, cybersecurity-related issues cost companies around $400 Billion a year on average.

One of the accessible ways to curb these losses in your business is to train your employees to create a more secure email environment. Staff plays a central part in the security of your company, and employees who are unaware of the onslaught of cyber threats are a liability to the safety of your company’s data.

It is therefore of the utmost consequence that they are always up-to-date on the best procedures to keep the company safe.

In an effort to save you and your company from the horrors of a cyber-attack, here is listing a list of tips that help safeguard your business.

  • Never open links or attachments from unknown persons.
  • Don’t respond to emails that request a password change and require you to divulge personal information — no matter how official the source appears.
  • Ensure antivirus and anti-spy software are updated on your computer.
  • Encrypt any emails containing sensitive data before sending them.
  • Don’t use your company email address to send and receive personal emails.
  • Don’t automatically forward company emails to a third-party email system.
  • Create strict standards for company-related Mobile Device usage

Mobile Devices have become an important tool of the workforce, and with them comes the different wave of cyber threats. Making sure your employees have password-protected devices, encrypt emails, also download approved security applications to help retain mobile data safely is very extensive.

The unit offers Mobile Device Management that will help with several of these safety features, including the ability to remotely wipe mobile devices. Connect with us for all your security or Office 365 needs.